kuwait gym

16 Apr 2018



gym instructor



Ø  To initiate the customer by describing necessary exercise which suits his health and conditions

Ø  To provide the customer by the suitable Nutrition menus

Ø  To show the customer how to use the exercises Machines in safe way

Ø  To monitor the customer while he is doing his exercises and to correct him if needed

Ø  To provide enough and necessary information to the customer about the Training Method

Ø  To respond quickly to the customer clarification

Ø  To follow up with the customer Training plan

Ø  To cooperate with the other divisions inside the club

Ø  To distribute his efforts and time between more than one customer

Ø  To design personal Training programs

Ø  To maintain and look after the good Reputation of the club

Ø  To maintain the Training and Exercises Machines

Ø  To maintain his Body Fitness and appearance during his working period

Ø  To develop his knowledge by learning new Methods of Exercises

Ø  To exchange and Transfer his experience with his colleagues

Ø  To maintain of his Zone by organized House Keeping

English speaking and listing is must - this is the only way to communicate with clients.

Gender: Male, Age 25 - 37 years with minimum experience in same position: 3 years as Body Building Instructor

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor degree in sport, exercise Sciences / Bachelor degree of physical education and sport science, or Relevant academic degree.

Certificates :

Professional at Body Building


Basic salary 480 KD ( ~1600 $) + commission

Salary will be paid in KD currency

Ø  free accommodation and free transport 

  • No free food , No free supplements 
  • 300 KD and above -60% of income

Ø  Free join ticket , Free return ticket after completing the 2 years contract, paid vacation 30 days in advance after completing 1 years in service.

Ø  contract 2 years 

Ø  8 WORKING HOURS per day + 1 hour break - 6 days a week

Ø  1 Hour in duty - out duty up to coach ( opened)

Ø  training commission as below: 

Ø  0 - 150 KD  - 40% of income

Ø  151 - 300 KD  - 50% of income



Al-Nawadi Holding Co.( Platinum Health Clubs), established in State of Kuwait in year 2004. All Platinum Health Clubs looks as an architectural Master piece, located in 6 main areas, covering the Sports needs, opening 24 hours 7 days a week. The Health Clubs serving Male / Female Genders separately who are above 18 years old.

Each Health Club is unique place, mixing and gathering the Body Building, Fitness, Swimming, Squash, SPA, Beauty Shops, Dancing program, Aerobics and Cardio, Smart Meals under one ceiling.