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Romania recruitment department

11 Dec 2018


recruitment department

freelance IT recruiter



1 - 4 years

The recruitment factory (PBS Wprldwide)  is recruiting a motivated, energetic freelance IT Recruiter to join the corporate recruiting team. The freelancer will attract Top Tier Technology Talent into Belgium for our Companies.

Contribute Your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Career Enrichment Opportunity

  • Recruiter Knowledge. You practice Relationship Recruiting in identifying, assessing, presenting, informing, and persuading top tech talent. You are a Top Gun! Check.
  • Hiring Manager Relationships. Your references will endorse your ability to team well with hiring managers resulting in applicants receiving an excellent experience throughout the recruiting cycle.
  • New Employee Satisfaction. You can share testimonies from applicants you recruited who will tell your story. You treat applicants like Customers!
  • Use of Technology. Your proficiency is unquestioned in sourcing tools, social media, networking referrals, open web and other techniques.
  • Professional Networking. You build industry contacts and network within user groups and meet-ups. Check.
  • High Impact Tasks. You help hiring managers build pipelines of talent they can’t wait to hire; you source, recruit, interview, assess and present talent; you treat applicants like customers; and you do much, much more. Check.
  • Flexibility. You make fast-cycle/quality decisions and prioritize in rapidly changing business environments. You strengthen the Recruiting Cultures of every organization you serve.

About the Recruitment factory

  • The RF is a matrix organisation of professional recruiters. They select the profiles that they want to find as they are distributed in the matrix.
  • A recruiter that starts in the RF- matrix can decide what he will do and how much he will work.
  • So the recruiter will earn a lot of money if the recruiter executes a considerable amount of search assignments. Or the recruiter can build up gradually in combination with the other activities that the recruiter is performing.
  • There is no commitment , no pressure no “boss” just a matrix with assignments and a lot of tools to help you once you have proven yourself in the RF -matrix.

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